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Soothing Baby Care with talc-free powder, soothing organic body balms for baby and mom, sulfate-free hair & body wash, Amber, and more

Benefits of Baby Essence


⦁ Baby and Mom
⦁ Diaper Rash
⦁ Other skin irritations
⦁ Gentle cleansing
⦁ Teething
⦁ Mild aches & pains

Baby Essenz’s brings organic personal care products to baby and mom. Our talc-free baby powder, organicvegan diaper balm, organic relief balm, and our gentle sulfate-free hair & body wash soothe even the most sensitive skin.

Soon to come: Amber bracelets and amber necklaces for baby and mom and hospital-grade pacifiers provide a gentle approach to ease and relax the body and mind.