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Customized natural spa products

The ingredients in our herbal AromEssenz™ Complex are selected and mixed by hand, making them easy to customize. With our design services and consultations, you can create a special product or treatment with the exact ingredients, scents, and healing effects you desire.

Since our products are part of a holistic ritual, Enlight’s founder and herbalist, Uli Boecker, also provides one-on-one consultations to show therapists the ideal way to use our natural spa products in their body therapy treatments.

Learn more about our custom services, and contact us to begin personalizing your organic spa products and ritual today.

Product Design

Enlight specializes in designing natural spa products that provide long-term healing benefits for patrons and strong results for businesses. From the ingredients, to scents, to packaging, and everything in between, our team can personalize a product that fits your customers’ needs, supports your brand, and boosts the bottom line.

Treatment Design

Having worked in private practice and as a therapist and esthetician in the spa industry for over 20 years, Uli has a talent for creating treatments that fit the therapeutic needs of clients and the demands of therapists in a fast-paced spa setting. She can design custom treatments that combine elements from various forms of bodywork and/or esthetics, as well as deliver training to your staff on how to use these treatments to create a unique, healing client experience.


If your spa or health club does not have a Treatment Coordinator, let Enlight’s team help you create a luxurious menu of services and organic spa products that fit your facility. Whether your emphasis is on relaxation or therapeutic bodywork, we can help you create a memorable, restorative experience