Pure is beautiful—plain and simple. Enlight distills nature’s most effective healing ingredients into organic aromatherapy and spa products that create long-lasting benefits. Every product is made with the highest-quality essential oils, wild-crafted and organic herbs, and our unique AromEssenz™. This synergy of herbal aromatherapy oils and vibrational essences heightens the effectiveness of each product and treats the body’s most common ailments with intention.*


Browse Enlight’s catalog of herbal body therapies, organic aromatherapy, and more.


Catalog of Collections

Browse Enlight’s catalog of herbal body therapies, organic aromatherapy, and more.


Desert Garden


Desert Garden quenches the mind and body with moisturizing herbal mists, lotions, scrubwraps, and bodywraps.

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Fine North


Fine North blends some of Northern Europe’s finest traditional ingredients into a soothing collection of scrubs, body wraps, scrub wraps, and oils.

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Golden Lotus


Golden Lotus channels traditional Chinese and Japanese formulations into a balanced collection of aromatherapy, wraps, mists, and moisturizers.

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Health Essenz


Health Essenz masterfully blends herbs and essences from the Earth’s most precious plants and minerals into powerful therapeutic aromatherapy oils, herbal wraps, and lotions.

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Morocco Gold


Morocco Gold invites you into a world of relaxation brimming with fragrant oils, rhassoul clay, Mediterranean sea salts, and the scents of North Africa.

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Spa Essenz


Spa Essenz brings Old World ingredients into New World body therapy and allows you to take the spa with you wherever you go.

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Essential Oils


Enlight’s natural essential oils treat the nose and mind with delightful aromas, the skin with healing ingredients, and the soul with a calming ritual.

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